Champagne Bonnet Launois

The Vineyards

Throughout its history, the Champagne Bonnet Launois vineyards have extended throughout the different terroirs of the commune of Vertus and then of Fossoy, in the Marne Valley. Wealth comes from diversity; the Bonnet Launois estate is no exception to this rule. Coming from a mosaic of around 40 little plots of which some are no bigger than a garden, champagne Bonnet-Launois draws the wealth of its different cuvées from the diversity of its terroir.

Our Chardonnay grapes come from the village of Vertus. The only white variety, it gives champagne vivacity, finesse and elegance. At the same time it brings aromas of white flowers and citrus. The Fossoy vines are Pinot Noir, which gives the Champagne its vinous character and body, and the Pinot Meunier which enriches the wine with vigour and fruit.

It is during the grape harvest that the alchemy takes place. This diversity of terroirs and grapes are united in the cellars and the magic takes place. And it's there that the secret of the elegance and nobility of the champagnes of the Bonnet Launois estate is to be found.

The estate obtained the HVE certificate ( High Environmental Value )

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